Social Hackathon

The project aims to build the capacity of social service providers and their users to prototype ideas and develop adoption plans in the delivery of social services by co-creation in a Social Hackathon adopting the design thinking techniques.

The project will recruit participants from the community (including social service providers and related professionals, as well as students) to co-create a solution for a specific social problem to address the needs of the target groups identified under the strategy of targeted poverty alleviation. Participants will undergo a series of problem-solving activities, including identification and analysis of problems, construction of ideas, and planning and drafting of proposals. Participants’ proposals will then be submitted to a panel of judges for evaluation and feedback. The team which provides the best solution will be selected and be recognised as “Top Hackers”.

The process helps gather the strengths of different stakeholders to design tailor-made and people-oriented innovative solutions for possible implementation to tackle pain points of the identified target groups; and enhance the innovative problem-solving ability and motivation of the event participants in focusing on the needs of those identified target groups for creating subsequent social impacts.



Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

Project Type

Capacity Building Project

Project Nature

Education and learning

Major Beneficiaries


Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period

28 weeks



Impact / Expected Impact

  • Organise 1 Hackathon competition
  • Recruit 74 persons (64 participants, 8 facilitators and 2 masters of ceremonies)
  • Produce 1 video

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