Phase I of the project, which focuses on food assistance, will last for 24 months with Octopus Card as the Stored Value Facility in view of its high penetration rate in Hong Kong. The key features of the CharityToday platform include:

  • One-stop digital charity search and application system which allows the service users to search assistance schemes and submit applications online.
  • E-charity Wallet Platform which serves as a financial assistance disbursement platform where the service users can claim the subsidy using their registered Octopus cards. With the Octopus cards, they can buy food at the listed restaurants, supermarkets or wet markets.
  • System Data Analysis which provides analytical data for refinement of the operating model and user journey, as well as an overview of the gaps in needs.
  • Evaluation and Impact Assessment on Phase I which gives insight for Phase II development.



St. James' Settlement

Project Type

Capacity Building Project

Project Nature


Major Beneficiaries

Low-income families

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (months)




Impact / Expected Impact

The online platform allows service users to access assistance information more easily and effectively. They can enjoy convenience in terms of subsidy application, purchase of food items and reimbursement of subsidy. Apart from having more choices of food, service users can feel being worthy and respected in receiving the assistance. For service operators, they can have a better understanding of users’ needs, perform case assessments and deliver the service to a wider user group more efficiently.
In Phase I, it is expected that at least 4 300 beneficiaries would be served with 50 NGO partners engaged.

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