The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong

Objective: "BEHub" is designed and implemented by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong with the aim of inspiring and nurturing the disadvantaged population and members of the public to become social innovators to address the challenges relating to poverty and social exclusion faced by the disadvantaged population, particularly rehabilitated persons, current or ex-drug abusers, people of diverse race, youth-at-risks, people with disabilities or persons in recovery, through innovative solutions.

Theme: "BEHub" is a theme-based innovative programme focusing on issues of disadvantaged population. It is also a platform to help solve the difficulties encountered by the disadvantaged groups by fostering interactions between the social innovators and the disadvantaged people and nurturing the disadvantaged people to become social innovators.

Eligibility: "BEHub" is open to organisations or individuals, particularly disadvantaged people, aged 18 or above with no bankruptcy order or proceedings during the application.

The Programme: "BEHub" will organise idea generation competitions and support innovative projects at prototype and start-up stages to improve the well-being of local disadvantaged population. Briefing sessions and workshops will be held to bridge the information gap on issues of disadvantaged population. Professional and comprehensive services ranging from group training to individual coaching will be provided before and after funding applications to enable the social innovators to grow and succeed. A professional support infrastructure will be established to facilitate people from different sectors to share knowledge and experiences and provide support to the social innovators.

Application: Application form and other details of the programme are available at the programme website


Anthea Lee, Chief Executive of The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong, introduces the "BEHub" programme:

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