Programmes of Intermediaries

The SIE Fund has appointed four organisations as the third batch of intermediaries in 2023 to run a new round of innovative programmes to provide support for more social entrepreneurs. By promoting social innovation and entrepreneurship, it enables more social entrepreneurs to address social needs through innovative ideas, products and services, and assists the Government in formulating targeted poverty alleviation initiatives. The four intermediaries appointed are Fullness Social Enterprises Society Ltd, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, MakerBay Foundation Limited and Oxfam Hong Kong.

The four intermediaries are knowledgeable and experienced organisations in the social innovation field. They aim to nurture and support social innovators and organisations to develop innovative projects with diversity and impact through the following innovative programmes:
Innovator Farm | Impact Incubator | Impact Innovation Lab | Grant for Good
(Programmes at a glance)

Individuals and organisations with innovative ideas in addressing poverty issues and wish to seek financial support to implement innovative projects may approach the intermediaries running innovative programmes directly and submit applications under their funding schemes.

Intermediaries Provide Full Support for Poverty Alleviation

The SIE Fund will strengthen its collaboration with the government in taking forward the strategy of “targeted poverty alleviation”.  We will join hands with the community to foster social innovation and create social impact, as well as to cultivate and generate more socially innovative projects with ways to alleviate poverty problems.  The Fund will collaborate with the four intermediaries to launch a round of applications under the theme of “targeted poverty alleviation”, targeting at the pressing poverty issue and the needs of vulnerable groups by introducing novel products or services.  The new round of applications is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2024.  More information can be found here.