The Project Futurus

The Project Futurus
Queenie Man

“Food” plays an important part in people’s lives. It makes good sense that Queenie Man, the founder of the innovative venture The Project Futurus, uses “food” as the medium to promote a novel approach to providing elderly services.
Queenie positions The Project Futurus as a social enterprise that explores the future of ageing, with a commitment to creating an age-positive and supportive environment for the aged through education, advocacy and product and service innovation as well as transforming elderly services.
Queenie was a veteran of brand management before embarking on social innovation. In 2017, she took part in several social service projects, through which she gained a better understanding of the social service sector and became aware that she could contribute to creating social value by using her knowledge and experience. Her work of promoting softmeals as an option for dignified diets for persons with swallowing problems, especially the elderly, hence started.
Besides providing softmeal making workshops, The Project Futurus also organises the experiential programme “Sensory Restaurant on Wheels”. Held in nursing homes and elderly centres, the programme serves Chinese dim sum which gives cognitive stimulation of the five senses for elderly people with dementia to improve their appetite while enjoying a joyful and interactive experience. With funding support from the SIE Fund from 2021 to 2022, 18 events were held with close to 300 elderly people served.
In addition to promoting softmeals, Queenie is also keen on introducing information and products about ageing to the community. Aspiring to foster the development of elderly care services, she is also eager to reach out to young people in schools and the community to enhance their understanding of elderly services and arouse their interest in joining the sector.



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