John Cheung

A seamless continuation of one’s aspiration from study to career may be an ideal for many. John Cheung, the founder of the social innovation project "KOElderly", is among those who can achieve it.
"KOElderly" provides the elderly with training in "key opinion leaders" (KOLs) and video shooting. It enables elderly KOLs to try out anything new. By sharing their experiences through videos on social media platforms, the elderly KOLs encourage their fellow elderly audience to develop their interest and enjoy their post-retirement life. Having enlarged their social circle, the elderly can get rid of social isolation and loneliness. As told by John, it all began with an assignment he undertook in his post-secondary study.
In a featured article about "KOElderly", John talked about an assignment themed around ageing and the elderly's living. Students were asked to visit and talk to the elderly in the community. John and his teammates noted that many elderly spent their time in the park aimlessly but loved to use smartphones to get connected with others. They hence thought of producing short films with the elderly as protagonists. In 2019, they won a scholarship from their school to realise their idea. In 2021, "KOElderly" was granted funding by the SIE Fund to take forward its work.
The KOL videos come in various topics, ranging from music videos, vlogs and restaurant guides to unboxing reviews. While helping the elderly seek new experiences, the videos represent the diverse persona of elderly KOLs and thus contribute to refuting the stereotypes about ageing.
"KOElderly" changes not only the elderly but John as well. He shared on a TV programme that besides knowledge in business running, he learned from entrepreneurship also the need to be more self-disciplined, far-sighted and prepared for the future.



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