Kit Wong

Kit Wong

One may regard Kit Wong as a winner in life - attained outstanding academic achievements, had a nice job and fulfilled his dream of lyric writing. A few years ago, he quitted his job and established a social venture "La Violet Education" which introduces a series of dream plans to encourage youngsters to pursue their dreams.
However, this “winner” in life said he is not the man who can "do something big".
"Young people have great potential. What I am doing is like planting the seeds. It may take a long time to bear fruit. But what if I can inspire the next Thomas Edison, or give a helping hand to the next Martin Luther King Jr?" said Kit.
Two years ago, through his other social venture "Under Production", Kit published an illustrated storybook written by Mohammad Moavia, a Pakistani student suffering from muscular dystrophy. They have recently helped Moavia publish his third book.
But Kit doesn't like the word "help".
He said they are mutually beneficial: Moavia got his life improved with the income whereas the scheme becomes sustainable as Moavia's books are their best-sellers.
To better nurture the seeds, the planter has decided to move one step forward.
Kit is starting five subsidiaries based on the five service scopes of "Under Production", giving young people a chance to run a business while "Under Production" offers technical support. It aims to let young people gain practical experience that will help them achieve more.
Though having focused on youth projects, Kit said his ultimate goal is to serve the elderly. While running a dream factory, Kit is also working hard to realise his own dream.

  • The SIE Fund is funding the startup project of Under Production. More details can be found here.



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