Wilson Fung

Wilson Fung

The seven-year service at a government hospital has given physician Dr Wilson Fung first-hand understanding of the severe challenges facing elderly medical services. Dr Fung has been interested in technology for remote medical consultation which he considers as having a great potential for improving elderly medical services. In 2016 he set up DoctorNowNEEDS with his partner. Through this social venture, they recruit private practice physicians to make use of their spare time to provide medical consultation on-site or remotely through a mobile app to elderly living in hostels and engage courier firms for medicine delivery service. It saves the elderly from travelling to and from clinics and helps relieve the pressure on public service and hostels.
DoctorNowNEEDS has so far been supported by more than 30 physicians, cooperated with 70 hostels and provided 6000 times of service. While feeling satisfied with the results, Dr Fung stresses that it is not the number that counts but the proof of concept. He is now exploring to work with welfare agencies to extend the service to elderly at home, as "age at home" is what Dr Fung envisions as an option for elderly.
Dr Fund had put enormous efforts to the planning stage, the work of which included understanding the needs of the target service recipients, identifying the suitable technology and payment methods, as well as lining up service partners. His experience in running a clinic paid off as it took less than a year for DoctorNowNEEDS to overcome teething problems. His advice for the coming social entrepreneurs is that the thoughtful deliberation on preparation work and operation chores is just as important as the passion for doing social good.



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