Dennis  Au

Dennis Au

As a Chinese medicine practitioner and co-founder of Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic, Dennis Au has been striving to enhance public understanding of Chinese medicine, which is perceived as old-fashioned by some, so that more people can benefit.
In 2008, Dennis partnered with a classmate of the School of Chinese Medicine of Baptist University and participated in the Youth Business Hong Kong scheme of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. With funding support and coaching by professionals (including lawyers and accountants) from the scheme, the two set up Conduct Chinese Medicine Clinic. Novel elements such as separate consultation rooms, digital prescriptions records, centralised pharmacy and door-to-door medicine delivery service were introduced with a view to promoting modern Chinese medical service. After about 10 years of operation, they now provide a full range of service through clinics in different districts.
Dennis had taken part in voluntary service since he was a student. He joined social workers to serve youth at risk including drug addicts. His care for the young drug addicts brings big impact through Conduct. In cooperation with NGOs, Chinese medicine treatment is given to young drug addicts with counselling service to their families. According to Dennis, the holistic approach of Chinese medicine makes it more persuasive and acceptable to the patients. It is also a good approach to identifying and addressing social problems. Besides serving local youth, Dennis also set up Chinese Medicine for All, a non-profit organisation that provides free medical service to people living in remote villages in underdeveloped countries.
Dennis is an active player in the Chinese medicine circle, seeking to enhance the image of Chinese medicine as well as to strengthen the cooperation between Chinese and western medicine.



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