Stan Tang

Stan Tang

Businesses in Hong Kong have had a tradition of contributing to society through donations. As a new generation entrepreneur, Stan Tang, founder of STAN Group, embraces a new philosophy: to pursue sustainable business development and win-win situations through deploying company assets to create value for various stakeholders.
Stan has an acute sense in identifying social needs and ponders over how to solve social problems while creating business value. "Adopting the 'creating shared value' approach in business strategy is a way to enhance the social and commercial value of a business at the same time." Having noticed the difficulties faced by start-ups, he made use of one of the Group's real estate properties to establish The Wave - a co-working space cum exchange platform that offers support to budding enterprises.
Stan is keen to share with others in the sector his experience of creating shared value, hoping to bring about changes by which businesses generate both profits and social value. "The business sector also has the aspiration for solving social problems just like the government and voluntary agencies. I believe strongly that our joint efforts will provide the effective solutions to social problems and benefit the needy."

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