Bibiann Wong

Bibiann Wong

In Hong Kong, it's not easy to have a "dream". Adults refuse to make dreams and discourage children to have theirs. But Bibiann Wong (also known as Bee) believes in dreams. She supports children to pursue dreams, embrace hope and unleash talents to change the world.
Bee had an aspiration for education and became a secondary school teacher after graduation. However, she felt disappointed about the education system in which students' academic result is the only concern. "Childhood is the moment to create memory and acquire experience. The current schooling too often fails to appreciate students' talent and makes students with bad academic results feel inferior."
Bee rethinks the role of education and its impact on students. Besides academic knowledge, what skills do our children need to meet future challenges? She gained the support of Erwin Huang, one of the famous social innovators in Hong Kong, and Chu Tsz-wing, the principal of Baptist Rainbow Primary School (BRP). All share the same values and together they established DreamStarter, a new initiative that helps students make dreams come true. Pilot projects were being run in BRP.
Bee is delighted to find out different possibilities in students' development through the projects while receiving recognition and support from more schools. "Our pioneering effort in developing 'dreaming' as a subject in school will be widely recognised in the community." More than encouraging students to dream, Bee is also working hard to fulfil her own dream in education innovation.



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