Aries Lee

Aries Lee

When you enter HOHOLIFE or visit their homepage, you will be impressed by items in fabulous colours and with stylistic designs seldom found in other elderly care products.
Aries Lee, one of the founders of HOHOLIFE, had never noticed elderly's needs when she was working in the banking industry. Things changed when her mother suffered a stroke, crippling her mother's mobility and calling for home modifications. Aries discovered that most rehabilitation products in Hong Kong were function-oriented. "They only remind the users of their incapability so generate a bad feeling." And the choice of suitable products for home-care and ageing-in-place is next to nil.
Aries and her partner then came up with an idea - setting up HOHOLIFE, a shop to be specialised in selling quality silver age products never imported to Hong Kong before. The objective is to promote active ageing, arouse public's concern for elderly needs and encourage treating elderly with respect. Besides being a retail shop, HOHOLIFE also collaborates with elderly centres on an internship programme which engages elderly people as shopkeepers in the shop.
"Quality of life shouldn't go down with age. The reason behind HOHOLIFE is simple - to give elderly more options to enjoy a better living."



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