OHH Dear Communications

OHH Dear Communications
Zip Cheung

When it comes to ageing population, people usually show concerns about the material and economic needs of the elderly. Zip Cheung, the founder of OHH Dear Communications regards those as "hardware". "Meeting the demand for hardware is essential but the spiritual contentment of the elderly deserves more care and attention," said Zip.
Zip was a journalist who specialised in featuring elderly lifestyle topics. The more she contacted the silver-hair interviewees, the more she was amazed by their vivid lives and energetic minds. "It is inspiring that ageing can be so graceful!" she exclaimed.
Soon after she saw the beauty of ageing, she founded the silver-hair model agency; it is also the pioneer in the market. She started recruiting mature talents through her network, but surprisingly there were quite a number of self-recommending candidates. "Most of them had no experience in modelling at all, yet were eager to seek new challenges," Zip said.
"Traditional Chinese are conservative about dressing; some may find wearing lipstick or colourful clothing extravagant." But Zip believes that every elderly has the right to choose and live in his/her own style and that getting well-groomed is a way for the elderly to maintain dignity and mental well-being. Zip is offering the elderly not just training and job opportunities but also a chance to build confidence and to live gracefully. Currently, all of the talents in her agency are aged over 50, the oldest being over 94. And many turn out to be great models!

  • The SIE Fund has provided funding to the startup and scale-up project of OHH Dear Communications. 



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