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Alice Yuk

"I will continue to help people as long as I can still contribute," remarked Dr Alice Yuk, who has devoted herself to social service for 30 years. From frontline to managerial posts in various organisations, she has been an active player in driving improvement in social services in Hong Kong and plays a pivotal role in the sector. She was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons, presented the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneur Grand Award, and appointed to be Justice of the Peace in recognition of her outstanding contribution.
Dr Yuk asserts that social services should keep abreast of the times and that accomplishment comes not only from one’s individual effort but also with support from allies. With an objective of building up social capital through collaboration, The HK General Chamber of Social Enterprises Ltd was founded in 2009 with Dr Yuk as one of the founders. It provides a platform for local social enterprises to share best practices and be connected.
Dr Yuk is also the mastermind behind the Social Enterprise Endorsement (SEE) Mark, which helps advance the development and operation of social enterprises in Hong Kong and contributes to the city's socio-economic growth in the long run. Being the Chief Executive Officer of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, Dr Yuk also founded "Project Works" in 2016 to provide employment support to their visually impaired students. The project helps the students develop to their full potential and enhance their employability, as well as facilitates social inclusion for those with visual impairment.


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