Li Koon Kiu

Li Koon Kiu

How powerful can a baby's smile be? Li Koon Kiu (Kiu), the founder of Doctor BB, will tell you a "great-grandfather" story as the answer. Kiu's grandfather-in-law has once become depressed and listless after suffering from a stroke a few years ago, until the day Kiu brought his daughter to visit him. The little girl's visit had an amazing effect on the elder of the family. The great-grandfather became cheerful and energetic again. Since then, Kiu has realised that kids can do the magic trick to heal and comfort the elderly; they can bring happiness to the seniors simply with their presence.
Kiu was inspired to set up the social venture BB Doctor. He quitted his job as a social worker and devoted himself to serving the elderly by recruiting kids 6 months to 6 years of age as "BB doctors" to make the rounds of elderly homes. In every visit, it is definitely more than hanging around. Having noticed that elderly services are mostly provided in a unilateral manner, Kiu endeavoured to facilitate interaction between the generations. These visits not only benefit the elderly but also nurture the toddlers and kids to be sympathetic and caring; even the parents are impressed after the visits which give them the drive to rebuild relationship with their family members.
How can social good be better delivered? "Innovation offers a breakthrough to social development", Kiu cited.


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