Barrier-Free School

Barrier-Free School
Kristen Li
Lijun Chen
Sheung-wai Chan
Wing-yin Cheung
Wen Yi Tsao
Waiwen Zou

Persons with disabilities (PWDs) in general are facing barriers to learning. Learning aids do exist but with the prevalent “one size fits all” philosophy they fail to cope with specific needs of individuals.
This leaves room for a new service. Kristen Li saw the market need for custom-designed training and tapped the opportunity. Together with her colleagues, she set up the Barrier-Free School. They use what they have learnt in school and establish an IT platform which provides PWDs with three-in-one "training - job matching - career support" service. Through tailor-designed training softwares, PWDs acquire the skills fit for employment with remunerations on par with able persons. The Barrier-Free School is contributing to social inclusion of the disabled in the long run.
Ask the right question; devise the valid solution; solicit the proper support for implementation. This is how Kristen and her team put social innovation into practice and won the championship of a social enterprise competition.

  • The SIE Fund had provided funding support for the Barrier-Free School. More details can be found here.



Scope of Services

vocational training
career consultancy


persons with disabilities

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