Alan  Cheung

Alan Cheung

Revitalising a traditional enterprise by innovative ideas incorporated with social responsibilities, Alan is one of the outstanding entrepreneurs who combines creativity and business acumen in his pursuit of social innovation.
Alan actualised his concept with the innovative industrial project TML (To Make Locally), which is a synergy of an extended supply chain from Mainland China and Hong Kong’s smart manufacturing practice. While enhancing productivity and responsiveness with the use of mobile app, digital printing and 3D printing, TML also aims to boost employment rate in the declining garment industry, support local fashion designers, and re-establish the once glorious “Made in Hong Kong” brand. At TML’s studio, social impact is prevalent. Experienced garment workers are employed, bringing in their wealth of skills and expertise. Local designers are able to test the market of their ideas through small scale production. More importantly, young designers are connected to seasoned masters to provide them with the opportunity to share and retain the traditional wisdom of the apparel industry. The achievements of TML witness how the shared value is created through generating profits and facilitating the sustainable development of the industry and society at the same time.
While committed to promoting the concept of creating shared value among businesses, Alan is also working closely with social enterprises and NGOs in encouraging and supporting passionate social innovators to build social capital for the community.

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