Karola Szovati
Mia Ejendal
Shirin Staerkle
Mike Walshe

What can parents do to make their kid's birthday party more memorable? Instead of taking gifts from guests, the social venture Twopresents advocates sharing and giving to fulfil greater values.
"There are numerous parties held in Hong Kong every year with tens of million dollars’ worth of unwanted presents. Money can be better spent," cites Karola, one of the co-founders of Twopresents. She was joined by another three charity-savvy parents Shirin, Mia and Mike who shared the same vision. Despite having no entrepreneurial experience, they set up Twopresents in 2013. More than just an on-line tool helping party organisers to send invitations and redistribute gift money, Twopresents is a platform for promoting “Sharing is Caring” and helping donors understand the charitable organisations they support and how their donations make a difference to the lives of many others.
"We all know the new generation is going to face social, economic and environmental challenges. We need actions from everyone," says Shirin. "Educating the kids, as well as the public, to live with eco-consciousness and social responsibility is the first step to making the world a better place."

  • The SIE Fund is supporting Twopresents for scale-up. More details can be found here.



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