Maggie Ma
Mark Kingsley

Architects Maggie Ma and Mark Kingsley believe that everyone is entitled to a good living environment, and that good design should be available at all levels of society.
Taking this belief forward, they set up DOMAT, a not-for-profit architecture practice, in 2013 to apply their profession to improving the living environment of communities and people who normally do not have access to architects. They visit rural villages in Mainland China to engage in design and building of schools for local students. In Hong Kong, they work with social workers to attend to the concerns of the underprivileged such as people living in subdivided flats.
DOMAT not only offers home modification for individual households, but they also design for improving common spaces of different communities. Through the processes of research, design and implementation, the team engages with the local communities and collaborates with NGOs and voluntary groups to facilitate community building.

  • The SIE Fund had provided funding support for their projects to improve the living environment of low-income families. Learn more about their start-up and scale-up projects.


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