Rainbow Chow

Rainbow Chow

Most of Rainbow's work has been closely connected with people's needs, from setting up a child development centre and publishing a magazine on positive parenting, to opening a dessert shop a decade ago that employed mentally disabled persons and rehabilitated offenders, also donated sweet soups to the homeless and poor. The driving force behind all these is a great enthusiasm for alleviating social problems.
Being a social worker as well as an amateur artist, Rainbow strives to link art with charity. With experience in holding art exhibitions to raise funds for a charitable Cambodian orphanage, she took a further step to social innovation.
Rainbow always concerns the needs of the underprivileged and social minorities, especially the disadvantaged position of women in the labour market. At the same time, she sees a growing market when more people perk up their office or home with plants. With interest in floriculture and horticultural therapy herself, Rainbow set up MicroForests, a social venture that works with single mothers and low-income women and gives them training in gardening, design, and skills for creating micro-landscapes and artwork. Rainbow aims to help them to become designers of potted micro-landscape or workshop facilitators. MicroForests not only provides them with a dignified job opportunity which generates additional income but also fosters their attainment in creativity and design.
While other institutions merely focus on raising employment rate of the underprivileged women, Rainbow goes far beyond. She empowers them: unleashing their talent, building self-esteem and raising social engagement. As Rainbow emphasises, the social benefit is much more valuable than the money earned.

  • The SIE Fund has provided funding to the startup project of MicroForests. More details can be found here.


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