Doris Leung

Doris Leung

Doris, formerly a veteran journalist, became aware of the inadequacies of services for the disabled in Hong Kong after her mum suffered from a brain tumour in 2007. In 2010, Doris founded Diamond Cab to provide point-to-point transportation for wheelchair users to improve their mobility. In 2014, Diamond Cab extended its service to barrier-free travel and entertainment, hoping to help wheelchair users enjoy a fun-filled journey,  explore more possibilities in life, and eventually be better engaged with the community.
With a wealth of experience in mass media, Doris has completed a remarkable online promotion campaign recently. The "John Tsang (Mr Pringles) crossover Diamond Cab" project launched in May 2017 attracted over 300,000 reaches on Diamond Cab Facebook and successfully aroused public's concern for barrier-free transportation services.



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