Bosco Ng
Eva Wong

When studying in university, Bosco Ng and Eva Wong were active players in exchange programmes and made friends with students from different cultural backgrounds. This was how they became interested in ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong. In 2011, they set up the social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL to promote cultural diversity.
Bosco and Eva believe that the lack of communication platforms results in misconceptions about the culture of ethnic minorities. WEDO GLOBAL trains ethnic minorities as community tour guides who connect different cultural groups. Through visits to restaurants, shops and places of worship, participants learn the diets, customs and taboos of ethnic minorities while the guides build up confidence, improve presentation skills, as well as gain work experience.
The founders’ experiences and connections in organising cross-cultural activities when they were students gave WEDO GLOBAL a good start, allowing the business to build up experience and reputation. To them, the most important yet challenging part of running a social enterprise is to reach a balance between the needs of different stakeholders including the community, the customers and the staff. They believe the formula to win-win requires continuous improvements through trials and experiments.
Over the years, WEDO GLOBAL has stood by many ethnic minorities and witnessed their transformation from shy individuals to confident speakers who can give a speech in front of an audience of hundreds and find their dream jobs. For the two founders, it is a joy beyond expression. They have the vision that eventually ethnic minorities will shine in every field in society.

  • The SIE Fund is funding the "WEDO GLOBAL Multicultural Programme (Sham Shui Po & Yau Tsim Mong districts)" scale-up project. More details can be found here.


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