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Ernest Chan

Ernest Chan, co-founder of AESIR, gave up a job offer from a multinational corporation to join his partner, Zero Wong, to start their own business. They had been through difficult times, but still gritted their teeth as both believe that “It is now or never; we have to act now to change the society.”
AESIR specialises in developing AR interactive learning games for SEN (Special Education Needs) students. During his voluntary service, Ernest observed that SEN students were more sensitive to visual stimulation. He was hence inspired to design interesting AR interactive games in a story format, aiming to help SEN students learn in a more efficient way. 
The road of social innovation was anything but straight for the duo. Their first product was an AR flashcard, which ended silently in failure. Other 3 to 4 different products were launched, but none of them won the consumers’ hearts. Yet, the two fighters were not defeated. “Hang on to what you think is right.” Their endurance was finally rewarded. Their company received job orders and got connected to people related to SEN education. Their business was in a better shape eventually. 
Despite what being achieved, the humble young men do not regard their business as “successful”. They keep improving their products by collecting sample data and opinions from focus groups. Just as one would expect, their advice for the fellow entrepreneurs is that, “Research is the key. Try to observe, analyse and predict the market needs and trends. Besides, as traditional wisdom teaches us, acquire your wealth in a noble way, and spend it in a wise way too.”

  • The SIE Fund is funding the start-up project of AESIR. More details can be found here.


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