As of March 2024, under Innovative Programmes, 3830 ideas have been generated and 500 projects have been approved for funding, including 493 projects through intermediaries, two projects through the Collective Impact platform, a project through the Pay-for-Success model, and four innovative projects seeking to promote inter-generational digital inclusion. 15862 potential social entrepreneurs have been nurtured through Capacity Building Programmes of intermediaries.
Number of projects, by service nature: 78 on healthcare; 28 on food; 45 on living; 15 on transport; 140 on education and learning; 121 on job training and opportunities; 52 on community participation; 21 on others;
Number of projects, by ultimate beneficiaries: 152 for children and youth; 103 for elderly; 86 for persons with disabilities; 79 for low-income families; 40 for people of diverse race; 40 for others