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Training up the visually impaired as coaches to advocate positive values


The venture will train up visually impaired persons (VIs) as coaches who will share their unique strengths and values as VIs through the Coaching Café Platform. Coaching services will include life coaching for their fellow members of the Hong Kong Blind Union, school students and the public, as well as corporate coaching services in communication, listening skills, etc.  

The VI candidates will go through a 30-hour training programme, including 10 hours of practice sessions. It is planned that 10 candidates will be selected for the training, 70% of whom are expected to complete. These trained VIs will apply their skills in the Coaching Cafe Platform and share their values.


Name of Organisation

(Not Applicable)

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Provided 30 hours of coaching Foundation Course to 10 visually impaired (VI) candidates. Eight of them had attained Mastery Practitioner of The International Association of Coaching.
  • Arranged each of the VI coach to provide over 20 hours of life coaching at Coaching Café Platform.
  • Held the "Dot.Coaching Graduation Ceremony" to celebrate the achievements of the VI coaches in May 2017.