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Training programme on long distance running to bring positive changes to youth


Youth.ROC is a 8-week training programme launched by RunOurCity. It targets at youth aged 12 to 20, about 50% of whom are from Band 3 schools, residential or drug rehabilitation centres, diverse race and other underprivileged groups. Participants can gradually develop determination, courage and self-confidence while achieving the goal of completing a 10km run. This training programme is also drastically different from ordinary programmes. Other than speed, it focuses on teambuilding, communication and feedbacks.

The venture has proceeded to scale-up the project with funding support from the SIE Fund.


  • Click here to learn more about the "Hong Kong Social Innovators" behind this programme.

Name of Organisation

RunOurCity Foundation Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

3 years (Ended)


  • Over 7 600 teenagers participated in Youth.ROC training
  • Recruited 46 coaches
  • Engaged three Youth.ROC Ambassadors to promote the programme in school talks and events