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Providing 3D printing workshops for children with special educational needs



This venture aims to provide 3D printing workshops for 30 children with special educational needs (SEN) to enhance their creativity, confidence and problem-solving skills.

The venture will also recruit 30 youth volunteers and provide them with four sessions of training in 3D printing and knowledge about the needs of SEN children. The youth volunteers will be trained as workshop instructors who will conduct four 3D printing workshops for the SEN children.

The 3D printed products made by the 30 SEN children will be showcased to the public in an exhibition.

It is expected that 30 children with SEN and 30 youth volunteers will benefit.

Name of Organisation

MakeOmnia Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

12 months (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Provide four training sessions for the youth volunteers
  • Provide four workshops for the SEN children
  • Organise a 3D printing exhibition


(To be updated when available)