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Providing training for persons in recovery and youths concerned about mental health to equip them as the project’s ambassadors




The venture aims to provide eight training sessions (two hours per session) covering nutritional science, photography, digital marketing and mental health to 10 persons in recovery (PIRs) and 10 youths concerned about mental health.

Five PIRs and five youths who have outstanding performance in the training will be appointed as Project Ambassadors to run Moodie.Foodie’s Instagram account, produce six Podcast episodes and host three online sharing sessions on Discord together. By sharing food and mental health information through social media, the project seeks to beat public stereotypes about mental illness, thereby promoting social inclusion.

It is expected that 10 PIRs, 10 youths concerned about mental health and 30 people interested in knowing the relationship between food and mental health will benefit.

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Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Provided 8 sessions of training to 9 PIRs and 8 youths concerned about mental health
  • Equipped 5 PIRs and 5 youths as Project Ambassadors