Let's Breaking!

prototype, job training and opportunities, low-income families, BEHub

Providing training and internship opportunities for youths from low-income families to equip them as breakdance assistant instructors



The venture aims to recruit four youths from low-income families and provide eight training sessions for them, enabling them to become breakdance assistant instructors and enhance their employability. The training covers hip-hop and breakdance history, sports safety, communication and teaching skills, etc.

An internship will be offered to each youth assistant instructor who will work with coaches to provide low-cost/free breakdance classes to 20 children from low-income families.

It is expected that 24 children and youths will benefit.

Name of Organisation

Hong Kong Breaking Association Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Provided 8 training sessions for 6 youths from low-income families
  • Provided 4 low-cost/free breakdance classes to 33 children from low-income families
  • Organised a hybrid sharing session and released a video demonstrating the project’s outcome on social media