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Developing smart glasses to help visually impaired persons grasp information about their surroundings




The venture will develop a smart glasses device supported by a mobile application that connects visually impaired (VI) individuals (users of the smart glasses) with sighted staff for real-time navigation support with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. The smart glasses can transmit instant video and audio signals through the internet to the backend staff who will have a view of the user’s surroundings and describe them to the user instantly. The venture will help bring the VI persons greater convenience and confidence in their daily living.

The venture has received funding support from the SIE Fund for another prototype project and start-up project.

Name of Organisation

InnoSpire Technology Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


  • Developed 12 smart glasses prototypes
  • Conducted tests with 10 visually impaired persons