Legacy transformation — The museum of love

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Organising workshops to promote life and death education and provide job opportunities to women from low-income families



By organising “legacy transformation” workshops, the venture aims to raise public awareness of life and death education, help the bereaved cope with grief, as well as provide job opportunities to women from low-income families.

Eight workshops will be organised. At the workshops, the bereaved are encouraged to re-sew the clothes of their loved ones into other products (e.g. pillows or key pouches), through which they will receive life and death education. Four training sessions on life and death education and sewing skills will be provided to women from low-income families who, upon completion of training, will be employed to assist social workers in conducting workshops.

Name of Organisation

Hong Kong Hospice Social Worker Society

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 Year (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To provide four training sessions and job opportunities to four women from low-income families
  • To organise eight “legacy transformation” workshops for 12 youths and 60 members of the public
  • To organise one exhibition for promoting life and death education


(To be updated when available)