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Providing training for rehabilitated persons to become fitness instructors





The venture aims to cultivate and hire rehabilitated persons to be fitness instructors, so as to enable them to earn reasonable income and social recognition, enhance their sense of identity, and be easier to return to the society.

The venture not only brings job opportunities to the rehabilitated persons but also helps them raise their sense of accomplishment and being accepted through interaction with different participants. Thus, it can strengthen social harmony while these rehabilitated persons will train new learners such as youths at risk and other rehabilitated persons to be fitness instructors, sustaining and extending the outcome through accompanying the new trainees.

The venture will also provide different programmes for people previously on remand or currently on bail to help them get through various stages with goals as well as build up their social network which will give them a helping hand before and after their sentences.

Besides recruiting rehabilitated persons as fitness instructors, the venture will also engage social workers who will provide follow-up actions and assessments on the effectiveness of the project. The trainees will be provided with subsidies to obtain accreditation and assistance to promote themselves online, thereby having greater opportunities to become teaching assistants.

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


  • Provided training for 3 rehabilitated persons to equip them to become fitness instructors
  • Provided 12 fitness training sessions for youths at risk and people previously on remand or currently on bail