Trial and Error Lab

start-up, job training and opportunities, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Providing training, coaching and support services to help youths develop their career in the cultural and creative industry



Riding on the success of the start-up project supported by the SIE Fund in 2018, Breakthrough Limited rolls out another start-up project to help working youths at the starting line or secondary school students interested in craftsmanship continuously enhance their interests and capabilities in developing a career in the cultural and creative industry. Five key elements are included under this project, namely Trial and Found, Trial Academy, Lab Fellow Programme, Junior Lab Fellow Programme, and Trial and Error Events.

Trial and Found is a one-stop sales and marketing platform with online and physical channels for the target youths to sell their products. Supportive services, including products photo-shooting, marketing and advertising support, will also be provided.

Trial Academy provides various training programmes covering visual branding, practical finance and basic business planning. Individual consultation services will be offered to those who encounter “bottlenecks” during different business development stages.

Lab Fellow Programme provides youths with co-working space at a discounted rate, one-on-one life coaching, peer support, and opportunities for idea exchanges and networking.

Junior Lab Fellow Programme introduces different types of craftsmanship to secondary school students through career talks, art demonstrations and sharing sessions.

Trial and Error Events include various outreaching activities, such as corporate outreach, ”Trial and Error Fest”, “Error Friday” and a new public event “Trial Lab” to enable the youths to test for market’s responses to their new products and receive real-time feedback from the general public.

Name of Organisation

Breakthrough Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

To benefit more than 1 200 working youths or those preparing to work in the cultural and creative industry


As at July 2021:

Trial and Found

  • Recruited 17 local cultural and creative brands to join the sales and marketing platform through offline pop-up stores. Eight of them were Lab Fellows
  • Developed the online sales and marketing platform and expected to launch in October 2021
  • Collaborated with a local designer and launched two products

Junior Lab Fellow Programme

  • Launched the programme for over 130 secondary school students and two teachers from two secondary schools /community organisations

Trial Academy

  • Organised one long-term and six short-term training courses, one master course, and one sharing session. 24 individual consultation sessions were provided. These events reached out to over 120 youngsters

Lab Fellow Programme

  • Recruited 15 Lab Fellows and offered 5-hour career coaching to each of them
  • Received 57 applications and selected 14 of them to become the next batch of Lab Fellows
  • Provided co-working space (Zone X) to four Alumni Fellows on annual basis
  • Recruited one Lab Fellow to share his experience to participants of “Junior Lab Fellow Programme”

Trial and Error Event

  • Conducted one Error Friday, one Trial Lab, and sharing activities with two school/NGO. Reached over 300 members of the public