Grow-UP Career Creation Program

start-up, job training and opportunities, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Providing vocational training, mentor’s support and internship opportunities to equip disadvantaged youths for a career in the creative industry


Riding on the satisfactory results of the start-up project "UP Poverty Youth Engagement" supported by the SIE Fund in 2018, Under Production Limited rolls out another start-up project which provides vocational training, mentorship and internship opportunities to further nurture disadvantaged youths for a career in the creative industry.

The venture will provide an 18-hour basic and advanced training programme to newly recruited youths and outstanding trainees respectively. Each trainee who has completed the training will receive at least one internship job offered or lined up by the project team.

The venture will recruit experienced freelancers currently working in relevant sectors as mentors. Under a structured matching mechanism, mentees (i.e. trainees) and mentors will pair up whereby mentees can co-work with and seek professional support from mentors.

An online job-matching platform will be established to provide extra job and employment opportunities. Work portfolios and creative works of outstanding trainees will be showcased on the platform where potential clients can locate suitable candidates easily. In addition, the venture will provide a financial incentive scheme to encourage corporates to offer more employment opportunities to the trainees and to motivate trainees to strive for better performance.

Name of Organisation

Under Production Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

3 years (Active)

Expected Impact

To benefit 250 disadvantaged youths who wish to pursue a career in the creative industry


As at July 2022:

  • Provided 18 hours of training to 289 trainees, including 39 people of diverse race
  • Provided 201 internship jobs
  • Created a total income of $670,381 for the trainees
  • Granted subsidised bonus of $22,645 to the trainees
  • Matched 60 trainees with mentors
  • Updated work profiles of 17 outstanding trainees on the online job-matching platform