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Designing modular furniture suitable for grassroots families




The venture aims to effectively improve the living conditions of grassroots families by designing modular furniture for them.

Visits and interviews will be conducted with families living in sub-divided flats or public housing units for 3 to 4 persons to better understand their living environment. Based on information gathered, the venture will design a series of space-conscious modular furniture, including beds, wardrobes, chairs and desks, which would help grassroots families improve their living environment.

The venture will hold an exhibition to showcase the furniture prototypes and invite investors and organisations to support mass production. It is expected that the cost of production could be reduced, allowing the products to be available in the market for low-income families.

Name of Organisation


Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Design and develop 4 sets of modular furniture suitable for sub-divided flats or public housing units, produce 10 prototypes and 16 pieces of furniture
  • Hold an exhibition to showcase the furniture prototypes for 200 participants


(To be updated when available)