Equality Works 2.0

prototype, job training and opportunities, persons with disabilities, Innovator Farm

Organising online experiential workshops to enhance public understanding of the visually impaired (VIs) and nurture the VIs to lead workshops in future


The venture aims to foster social inclusion and provide job opportunities for low-income people who are visually impaired (VIs). It will create an online interactive experiential platform for members of the public to experience not only the difficulties VIs are facing but also their abilities and strengths.

To curate a unique experience for participants, the venture will collaborate with church and non-governmental organisations to conduct 120-minute online “ZOOM-INclusive” workshops in which participants will learn various listening techniques being adopted by the VIs. The online workshop includes five games, namely “Virtual Tours”, “Sound Hunt”, “Statement Clash”, “VIs Eyes” and “Scenario Day”. Through interaction and sharing with VI guides, participants could understand VIs’ talents and abilities and learn how to interact with VIs in VI-friendly ways. The venture will work closely with the VIs and train them to lead the workshops in future, thus creating job opportunities continuously for them.

Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

6 months (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Employ 3 VIs and 4 youth ambassadors
  • Develop 4 sets of experiential workshop and training materials
  • Organise 2 free and 7 charged workshops for 126 participants


(To be updated when available)


(To be updated when available)