Box Breakers

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Providing psychotherapy through Thai-boxing for youngsters suffering from mental illness as well as underprivileged youths


The venture uses Thai-boxing as an effective psychotherapy to help alleviate social isolation experienced by youngsters suffering from mental illness (MI) and underprivileged youths (U-youths).

By participating in Thai-boxing classes, youngsters with MI can interact with the coaches and enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence, thereby helping to strengthen social inclusion. The venture also helps improve their physical health and mental well-being through different Thai-boxing styles based on the symptoms and needs of individual participants. The increase in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) achieved through regular boxing training can raise MIs’ ability to manage stress.

The venture trains U-youths, who often face difficulties integrating into the mainstream education system and white-collar employment market, to be Thai-boxing coaches. By having their own coaching business, it can alleviate poverty and promote social mobility. Besides, they will learn how to interact with youngsters with MI through a mental health first aid training course which will also increase their competitiveness in the coaching industry. The venture also hires U-youths as part-time coach assistants, providing them with job opportunities and career development. The venture facilitates role transformation for U-youths to serve the community and people in needs, increasing their self-esteem and enhancing social capital.

Name of Organisation

Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

6 months (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Provide 960 hours of Thai-boxing classes to 48 youngsters suffering from MI
  • Provide training to 3 U-youths and hire them as part-time coach assistants
  • Collect and analyse data of participants about (i) HRV level and (ii) pre- and post-mental health and physical fitness


(To be updated when available)