Innovation of Medication Instruction Labels

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Developing a new set of drug labels to enhance medication compliance for the elderly and people of diverse race



The venture aims to develop and adopt a set of standard and easy-to-read drug labels to help patients, particularly the elderly and people of diverse race, better understand medical instructions. It will enhance medication compliance and reduce the risk of taking wrong medication.

The venture will partner with two dispensing outlets and two community nursing teams. Introductory training will be provided for the nursing teams to enhance their understanding of the new drug labels. The venture will reach out to the target beneficiaries through these partners. Each beneficiary will receive a set of education kit comprising a pillbox, new drug labels, and leaflets with links to educational videos in four different languages (i.e. Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English and Urdu).

The venture also plans to provide consultancy service to a private hospital, clinic group or community healthcare service provider during the funding period. The service will cover training on the standard operating procedures in applying the new drug labels and education plans for both healthcare professionals and end-users.

Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To develop and adopt a new set of drug labels
  • To produce 1 000 sets of education kits
  • To distribute education kits to the elderly and their caregivers, and people of diverse race


As at April 2021:

  • Collected over 420 users’ feedback from three online focus groups and one online survey
  • Collected inputs from 12 medical professionals
  • Finalised the design of 30 medication instructions drug labels in three languages
  • Produced two sets of promotional/educational materials and 12 training/educational videos in Traditional Chinese, English and Urdu languages
  • Placed order of 3 000 pillboxes
  • Partnered with 11 community nurse teams/community pharmacies/service providers for coming educational kit distribution
  • Published 40 social media posts related to drugs and icon educations