Idea Maker Program

start-up, job training and opportunities, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Providing STEM training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth


Riding on the success of the start-up project which was funded by the SIE Fund in 2017, the project team proposes to extend the scope of business from providing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculums to training youngsters to become STEM technicians. Such training would help the youngsters unleash their talents and build their career path in STEM education.

The venture aims to provide disadvantaged youth with employment and empowerment opportunities through basic STEM courses and on-the-job training and coaching which cover design thinking, coding, 3D printing technologies, etc., as well as a 20-hour "train-the-trainer" session.

Trained youngsters will be recruited as part-time/full-time STEM tutors or curriculum designers to assist in the implementation of the team's in-house or on-site school STEM classes. On-the-job training and coaching will be provided to these youngsters, who will be awarded a certificate of achievement upon completion of the training and assessment.

The venture will also select trained youngsters to be employed as full-time contract-based STEM technicians to station at partner schools to support the implementation of STEM curriculums offered by the team to the schools.

Name of Organisation

I3D Printer (HK) Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • 75 youngsters with low education levels or from low-income families will receive training and 12 of them will be employed as STEM technicians at schools
  • 1200 children/teenagers from low-income families will participate in the venture's STEM curriculum


As at January 2022:

  • Recruited 64 target youths to join the “Train the Trainer” programme and all of them have completed the training
  • Assigned 61 trainees as STEM tutor assistants or product assistants, and three as project manager, software engineer and STEM technician. Of them, four trainees stationed in schools/NGOs. Two trainees were employed as full-time staff while another two as part-time staff. A total tutor fee of $1,104,482 was generated
  • Organised 181 STEM classes for 5 219 children/teenagers from low‐income families
  • Completed five sets of STEM curriculum leaflet and introduced them to schools