Emotional First Aid Team

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Recruiting and training volunteers from grassroots families to form an "Emotional First Aid Team" to produce "Emotional First Aid Kits"


The venture recruits volunteers from grassroots families to form an "Emotional First Aid Team". Training will be provided for the volunteers by professionals from diverse sectors such as art therapists, clinical psychologists and teachers for special education.

Upon completion of training, the volunteers will be equipped with basic techniques for developing "Emotional First Aid Kits". The "Emotional First Aid Kits" are designed with different themes like "Anger Index" and "Bingo" to help users properly express their emotion and recall their happy moments.

Each trained volunteer will partner with two low-income families with children with special educational needs (SEN) to co-design and co-create the "Emotional First Aid Kits". Children with SEN are often weak in expressing themselves. The tailor-made kits can help them properly express their anger or sadness to their parents, improving their emotional management.

In addition, kit-making workshops will be organised for corporates or schools in the Eastern District and be hosted by the volunteers. The volunteers will be able to share the revenue generated from the workshops and the sales of kits and whereby improve their financial situation and be empowered.

Name of Organisation

Not a Gallery Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1.5 years (Active)

Expected Impact

  • To benefit 15 volunteers from grassroots families
  • To benefit 30 children with SEN from low-income families and their family members


As at December 2021:

  • Printed 590 book kit sets, of which 300 have been further processed by underprivileged women from an NGO. The book kit sets will be distributed to the recruited SEN families for free and be sold at over 10 points of sales
  • Recruited and trained 15 persons from low-income families to become volunteers under the “Emotional First Aid Team”
  • Recruited around 30 SEN families, of which 15 have attended the workshops
  • Conducted 12 workshops at private galleries and speech therapy centres for SEN/ other children on the use of the book kit sets
  • Conducted promotional activities in social media; organised colouring competition for children; and encouraged the purchase of coupons, in turn donating free book kit sets to low-income families (19 sets of coupon have been sold)