Project LEARNT

prototype, education and learning, children and youth, Good Seed

Utilising idle time of a restaurant to provide co-learning spaces for students


The venture proposes to make use of the idle time of a restaurant to run a co-learning space for students who are in need of self-study places or academic support. Several students would be hired as restaurant staff to help out the operation to earn a living. Surplus/pre-service teachers or private tutors will be invited to provide on-site tuition to the students at the restaurants. They can thus expand their potential customer base and also enjoy a rate lower than the market’s to rent a table for tutorial sessions.

The team will try out the business model in a restaurant during the funding period. Upon successful implementation of the project, it is expected that the model could be replicated to more restaurants to benefit more students in future.

Name of Organisation

Project Learnt Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Active)

Expected Impact

  • Provide on-site academic support to 533 students
  • Engage a total of 30 surplus/pre-service teachers or private tutors
  • Provide job opportunities to 8 evening school students


As at September 2020:

  • Hired one student as the restaurant staff and provided training on the operation of a restaurant
  • Engaged two surplus teachers and four pre-service teachers
  • Introduced the project to five evening schools with over 90 students
  • Built online seat booking system