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An online soft meal ordering and delivery platform that connects providers with customers



Many elderly people cannot enjoy normal meals because of their deteriorating swallowing abilities. Being afraid of choking, they may even be reluctant to eat. Some have to rely on pureed food which is not appealing in terms of look and taste. This significantly impairs their quality of life. Currently, soft meal providers generally lack resources in handling individual orders and providing delivery service to stay-at-home elderly and caregivers.

Mealingful aims to set up a soft meal ordering and delivery platform that connects soft meal providers with potential but unreached customers. Customers can place their orders of soft meals and select pick-up or delivery options through the online platform. Mealingful will then distribute the orders to its partner providers and be responsible for logistical arrangement and delivery.

Name of Organisation

Mealingful Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

9 months (Ended)


Launched a soft meal ordering and delivery platform to provide 3 881 sets of soft meals to the elderly and caregivers