WE MASK Action

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Enhancing hygiene awareness among people of diverse race


Because of language and cultural differences, it may be difficult for people of diverse race in Hong Kong to timely receive the latest and accurate hygiene information, hindering some of them to develop proper hygiene awareness. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, many people of diverse race are faced with unemployment and underemployment which lead to a reduction or complete loss of income. The price-surging surgical masks become unaffordable for them and as a result, they are exposed to higher health risks.

Noting that most of the families of diverse race, especially Indian and Pakistani families, possess sewing machines at home as well as the sewing skills to make clothes for themselves, the venture recruits and trains women/ youngsters of diverse race to produce cloth face mask covers at home during their spare time. The objective is to promote among the community of diverse race the importance of wearing face masks and pandemic-related health information and to help them earn extra income.

The venture expects to produce 8 000 cloth face mask covers during the funding period. By adopting the “buy-one-donate-one” approach, one-half of the cloth face mask covers will be sold to customers, while the other half will be donated to senior citizens and low-income families of diverse race. A blessing message written in Urdu/ Hindi/ Nepali with Chinese/ English translation will be packed with the cloth face mask covers to promote cultural and social inclusion.

Name of Organisation


Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

8 months (Ended)


  • Recruited 20 grassroots women and youngsters of diverse race as sewing ambassadors
  • Co-designed and developed seven collections of cloth face mask covers (in 33 styles) with fashion designer and sewing ambassadors
  • Conducted three meetings with religious leaders
  • Produced over 8 000 pieces of cloth face mask covers and over 4 000 pieces of cloth face mask cover were distributed to senior citizens and people of diverse race from low-income families
  • Connected with 12 NGO/community partners/school for distributing cloth face mask covers
  • Provided one training session for sewing ambassadors by experts in the fashion and textile industry
  • Created 10 videos to promote the project/ product