Salt & Pepper

prototype, community participation, elderly, Impact Incubator

Recruitment of young old to form a choir to provide them with the chance to enrich retirement life


The venture will collaborate with elderly services centres to recruit young old, primarily from districts with more low-income people such as Sham Shui Po, Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong, to form a choir. Participants will receive vocal training and be given chances to perform. A fee of $40 per hour will be charged for the training class, but a 50% refund will be given to a participant who can achieve an attendance rate of 80% or more.

Separately, secondary school and university students will be engaged to produce a documentary recording the transformation of the participants. Besides, 25 exchange sessions among the elderly and students will be held.

The venture aims to enrich the retirement life of elderly, convert them from passive recipients into active members of the community, and to strengthen the mutual understanding and connection between the old and young generations.

Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year and 8 months (Ended)


  • Recruited 14 young old, of whom seven stayed in the choir; and provided 200 vocal training and practice hours to them
  • Engaged 28 tertiary students to produce documentary recording of the young old
  • Produced two documentary recordings of young old, which were available at YouTube:
  • Organised 20 exchange sessions between the young old and tertiary students
  • Arranged the young old to first perform publicly in November 2019
  • Organised an event for the young old to showcase in December 2019 with an audience of 50 persons


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