Rapid Testing Kits for Pneumonia Diagnosis

prototype, healthcare, elderly, Impact Incubator

Development of a testing kit that provides rapid results for detection of pneumonia



The venture aims to develop a rapid testing kit for detection of early mycoplasma which causes respiratory tract infection. By using the testing kit to test a patient’s mucus, an early assessment result is available within an hour while a standard test requires two days. The rapid test result can facilitate early diagnosis and treatment, and hence will improve patients' health condition, shorten their waiting time in the hospital and lower the cost of healthcare service.

Clinical samples and feedback from elderly patients will be collected for further testing and analysis so that the testing kits can be refined to achieve fast pneumonia detection rate of 90% or higher.

Name of Organisation

Veridian Biotechnology Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)


  • Developed a pneumonia testing kit and modified the colour scheme of the reagent from pink to dark green for easier reading by the elderly
  • Conducted testing with five elderly and achieved 100% accuracy rate within 10-minute detection time in the laboratory
  • Designed the product packaging for preparation of market launch