Development of Electrical Ramp

prototype, transport, elderly, Impact Incubator

An electrical device that helps the elderly and wheelchair users enter and leave home more conveniently


The threshold at doors and gates is posting problems for the elderly and wheelchair users. For example, elderly and wheelchair users living in public housing estate and subsidised housing have to move a heavy ramp every time they enter and exit.

This venture addresses the problem by developing an electrical ramp, in the form of a plank, that will be installed between the door and the metal gate. When not in use, the plank will be in an erected state.  When the user wants to go out, they can use the remote control to lower the plank to form a ramp.

With the installation of the electrical ramp, it will be more convenient for the elderly and wheelchair users to go out on their own. Hence their confidence and willingness to go out and their participation in the community will be enhanced.


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