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A platform that matches elderly’s talent with job opportunities


The venture aims to launch a platform that enhances elderly’s involvement in the community and employment opportunities.

Elderly participants will first be encouraged to step out into the community through participating in delivery service. Thereafter, the online platform will help match the talent and skills of the elderly, e.g. traditional handicraft, cooking, knitting and other professional experiences, with jobs provided by individuals, enterprises and institutions. The goal is to foster elderly’s employment and to encourage them to pursue a meaningful post-retirement life.

Since elderly people are in general less tech-savvy, tutorial classes will be provided to teach them how to use the online platform. Various promotional activities and incentive schemes will be organised to encourage the elderly to use the platform.  The venture will also partner with District Councils and elderly centres to recruit elderly users and employers.

Name of Organisation

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Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

1 year (Ended)

Impact/ Outcomes

  • Conducted Apps training classes for the elderly
  • Launched the Jobselder website and engaged 20 employers/ organisations to provide job opportunities for the elderly
  • Recruited over 140 elderly to register as users of the job searching platform
  • Referred jobs to 15 elderly