Bizzie Bee

scale-up, education and learning, children and youth, Impact Incubator

Education programmes in art that cultivate diverse capabilities of children and youth through exploring social issues



Through partnerships with NGOs, charities and schools, etc., Bizzie Bee offers free art activities to the underprivileged communities including elderly, disadvantaged youth and youth of diverse race with a view to empowering them through art exploration and creative thinking. With funding support from the SIE Fund, it will scale up its operation by introducing two new art programmes, namely “The Inside Out” and “Everything is Everything”.

“The Inside Out” is a 32-week art workshop programme for disadvantaged children.  It will enable children to explore and develop their creativity in the process of making useful facilities for their home.  The workshops will be concluded by an exhibition to display the outcomes of the children’s skills and also to raise public awareness of their undesirable living conditions.

“Everything is Everything” is an 18-session arts project organised for students who will work in groups to explore the issues of equality and diversity of different racial communities in Hong Kong and attend workshops on photography and creative writing, etc.  Each group will produce a book to document their understanding of different cultures in Hong Kong.  A mixed-media group exhibition will be organised to showcase their achievements.

Name of Organisation

Bizzie Bee Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Ended)


  • Conducted three community art projects, including “United Nations of Knitters”, “Lost & Found”, and “The Inside Out”; whereas preparation for implementation of “Everything is Everything” was ready but not successfully launched
  • Delivered over 550 art and craft workshop hours for over 4 690 participants
  • Recruited over 660 volunteers to organise workshops
  • Engaged 72 organisations and around 5 410 community members to participate in the art activities
  • Employed one staff with underprivileged background


(To be updated when available)