Goods Co-Share – A Poverty Alleviation Programme by Cost of Living Reduction

start-up, food, low-income families, Impact Incubator

Provision of daily necessities below market prices to help relieve the financial hardship of grassroots families




Goods Co-Share purchases daily necessities from suppliers in bulk volume and enjoys significant saving in transaction cost. Those items are then sold to grassroots families at a lower-than-market price, bringing about a reduction in their cost of living.

In partnership with NGOs, Goods Co-Share will set up pop-up stalls periodically in districts with a high poverty rate. Grassroots housewives will be employed to manage the stalls. Apart from offering food items, gathering sessions will also be held regularly to share with customers knowledge about financial management.

Alternative shopping channels are offered through eight vending machines which will operate up to 12 hours every day at communal facilities, offering dry goods and liquid-based non-food items.

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Goods Co-Share Foundation Limited

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