Big Silver Community

start-up, community participation, elderly, Impact Incubator

To establish a social network of the elderly, caregivers, NGOs, corporates, professionals and media and engage them to collaborate in various programmes


Big Silver Community is a two-year project which consists of two key components: a monthly publication (i.e. BIG MAG) and a series of community innovation activities (i.e. Big Silver Teams and Community Innovation Activities). The objective is to empower the elderly, build an age-friendly society and prevent social exclusion.

The BIG MAG connects the elderly, their caretakers, NGOs, corporates, professionals and media. It differentiates itself from other entertainment and health care magazines in the market as it positions itself as a resource kit which targets not only the retirees but also the caretakers, NGOs and others who concern about the social issues of an ageing population. It covers stories on ageing, illness, life and death education, end-of-life arrangements, age-friendly community projects, etc. A total of 21 issues (including the trial issue) will be published, targeting to reach an accumulated 700 000 readership during the project period.

The magazines will be distributed and sold by members of Big Silver Teams who can earn a small income from the sales. About 240 members will be recruited openly from the community or through partner NGOs. The magazines will also be available for sale in around 180 community shops.

The venture will partner with NGOs, community groups, business corporations, social enterprises, etc. to initiate a series of community innovation activities to inspire and mobilise civic participation in addressing elderly needs and other elderly related issues. It is expected that about 5 000 participants will be engaged.

Name of Organisation

Big Silver Community Limited

Approved Funding Amount


Funding Period (Status)

2 years (Ended)


  • Published 22 issues (including the trial issue) of BIG MAG monthly and reached an accumulated 370 000 readership
  • Established sales network with over 500 Circle K convenience stores, newspaper stalls, community shops and NGOs
  • Recruited 767 Big Silver Team members and provided over 7300 training hours to them
  • Organised 5 large-scale community events with over 22 000 participants
  • Formed 12 special concern groups on ageing issues with over 380 participants
  • Collaborated with 214 organisations to hold activities related to ageing
  • Attracted 18 200 followers in the Facebook page